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Ed Scarborough's KHTR pages
Ed Scarborough transitioned KMOX-FM from an Adult Contemporary station to St. Louis' #1 music station Hit Radio KHTR.
Click here for Ed Scarborough's main page
Click here to see the KHTR DJs and hear what the station sounded like
Click to read a great article about how KHTR went to #1
Frank Absher created this amazing resource that documents the history of the many stations and personalities that have broadcast on the AM & FM frequencies in St. Louis.
Click here for

Rock Classics
This site contains a full-blown St. Louis Classics list of more than 1,000 songs played on KSHE and other St. Louis stations. It also has a message board where people often find the names and artists of songs by posting the one or two lines they can remember. The site also lists the whereabouts of many KSHE DJs.
Click here for Rock Classics

ReelRadio's Top 40 Radio Repository
This is where over 1,000 airchecks can be accessed. As the name implies, almost everything here is Top 40 Radio. The site offers great examples of how that format sounded in different years across different markets. They even have a KWK aircheck featuring Jeff Cochran from March, 1984.
Click here for ReelRadio's Top 40 Radio Repository

Edison Media Research Articles
Discovered when Tom sent me the February 2005 'One Night In Bangkok Makes A Rock Fan...Nostalgic?' article that cites KWK as having an influence on current Jack/Bob (and Arch in St. Louis) formats.
Click here for Edison Media Research Articles

Mark Roberts' History of KWK
This site provides a comprehensive history of KWK's frequency changes and challenges with the FCC. Through the home page link, there are also great pages on other Missouri radio staions and highway signs among other interests.
Click here for Mark Roberts' History of KWK

WROV Tribute Site
Pat Garrett pays a great and intersting tribute to this station in Roanoke... a town I've never visited. Pat got to live out my dream when he became a jock on the station he grew up listening to. Years later he helped me launch this KWK Tribute site by encouraging me to write the HTML code from scratch and giving me a few pointers along the way.
Click here for the WROV Tribute Site

WTPC Tribute Site
Jim Thurman and Rob Hummel present audio samples of Principia College Radio from the 1970's. The airchecks from this low power college station sound more professional than a lot of commercial stations I listened to through the years. Even though I wasn't familiar with the station, there were a lot of great 70s clips from other St. Louis stations, including ads for Northwest Plaza, CMC Stereo Centers and the AMC Gremlin (with Young Bobby Day voicing the tag line).
Click here for the WTPC Tribute Site

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